Bazaruto Island Holiday

An adventure holiday to Bazaruto Island in the Bazaruto Archipelago Marine National Park is a trip of a lifetime. Supported by professional, competent staff who smile all the while, Indigo Bay Island Resort and Spa should be the Mozambique Hotel of choice when visiting Bazaruto.

A trip to this heaven in the Indian Ocean is highly recommended – explore a place so far removed from home that it becomes the ultimate in relaxation and inner peace.

Bazaruto (Portuguese for ‘island of the mist’) is the largest island in the Bazaruto Archipelago – only 35km in length and seven kilometres wide, it is a little piece of paradise, a beautiful and unexplored destination, characterized by its wildlife, azure waters and heavenly beaches.

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There is so much to say about the loveliness of the island so book into Indigo Bay for a holiday never to be forgotten. Couples will love the romance and the solitude. Children will love days packed with things to do and see: cricket, rugby, Frisbee, snorkelling for all ages, scuba diving, kayaking, sand boarding and much more.

Most people rave about the awesome food at Indigo Bay – don’t go there if you are on a diet! Friendly staff set up dinners in different venues daily and serve fresh seafood (prawns, tuna and crayfish) and sushi to spicy traditional dishes and special buffets for children.

For the best family holiday ever, head straight for Bazaruto Island and its hidden qualities that only you can find and delight in. The bay is ideal for sailing on traditional dhows and watching the birds overhead. Go snorkelling at Neptune’s Nursery to see brightly coloured corals and fishes of all shapes and sizes.

Local is lekker and staff at Indigo Bay, Bazaruto Island, come from the local villages – friendly and attentive, they ensure your dream holiday comes alive. The resort uses gas from the mainland for energy and recycles its water to be used as grey water. Waste is recycled and returned to the mainland wherever possible.

Visitors to Bazaruto Island are sure to see wonderful marine species such as dolphins, dugongs, humpback whales and marine turtles. Crocodiles live in freshwater lakes in the area. Thick forests of casuarinas, coconut palms and cashew nut trees grow on its shores.

Yes, the Bazaruto Archipelago is the “Pearl of the Ocean” and Bazaruto an intricate part of this subtropical ecosystem.


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