Bazaruto scuba diving holiday at Indigo Bay

Diving into the Bazaruto Marine National Park is an experience not to be missed – this is an underwater paradise where protected fish and corals roam in their hundreds. Your Mozambique scuba diving holiday can begin at Indigo Bay Island Resort & Spa, a wonderful base for exciting dives – including the boat trips out on the Indian Ocean where divers often see dolphins or whales nearby during winter. Leatherback, Green and Loggerhead turtles can be seen on their way to lay their eggs on Bazaruto Island, home to Indigo Bay. Read more about the island right here.

Two-Mile Reef rates top for all divers

Divers love the Bazaruto Archipelago for its awesome Whale shark sightings and the opportunity to dive with these gentle giants. Talk to the professional diving instructor at Indigo Bay who will guide you to the best reef for what you want to see. Many divers come to the island to spend time floating out at Two-Mile Reef known for its 21 metre dives to see incredible fish species.

Manta Ray Reef is flat and boasts numerous Anemones and Clownfish. If you want to see amazing corals, then Rainbow Runner Reef is for you, going down to a deep 25 metres to see greentree and whips corals. Barracuda and turtles swim around near Turtle Ridge, hence the name of this narrow dive site.

For Black-tail reef sharks, take a look at Potholes and for Brindle Bass go and dive the large reef at Brindle Bass Ridge where these huge fish as well as Angelfish, Rubberlips and Snappers lurk. Seeking out Stone fish is not easy but try Zenguelema Point on the west of Bazaruto Island where you will also be able to see Scorpion fish and Reef fish.

Remember that you are constantly in the hands of world class diving instructors who have their PADI qualifications and who do not believe in doing technical or deep water dives that require a chamber.


Diving packages for good value holidays

Indigo Bay Island Resort & Spa offers amazing diving packages for the keen diver where accommodation and this daily activity combine to create a great value for money holiday in Mozambique. Spend seven days snorkelling and diving the Bazaruto Archipelago, within the protected area of the Marine National Park. You can walk from your luxury villa onto the beach where the warm ocean beckons.

You will spend most of your Mozambique scuba diving holiday at Indigo Bay in the watersport and activity centre, or checking out the diving courses and learning more about the reefs and dive sites offered in the region at the Padi dive centre. Part of your diving package will be snorkelling outings to stunning sites where you will get your first taste of all that the Indian Ocean in the Bazaruto Archipelago has to offer. Lucky divers may see the endangered dugong!

Your diving holiday can also include wonderful seafood meals at the various Indigo Bay restaurants, horse rides, a game of tennis and swims in the huge pools at this Bazaruto resort.

Take time to plan your trip with one of our knowledgeable consultants.