Holiday to Indigo Bay

Why should you book a holiday to Indigo Bay Island Lodge? Simply because this hotel is guaranteed to take your breath away from the minute you fly across the vast glistening blue Indian Ocean with a bird’s eye view of the amazing Bazaruto Archipelago.

Because where else will you find a true Mozambique retreat surrounded by a largely unexplored natural environment, now recognised as a premier destination with top class activities and facilities?

For starters, Indigo Bay- also known as Anantara Bazaruto Island Lodge and Spa – is the perfect location for those adventurers seeking the thrill of an African quest combined with the serenity and isolation of a totally private resort. For rest and relaxation, come to Indigo Bay Island Resort and Spa – a must see location for families and couples alike!

Secondly, you will love the extravagant private sea-view villas that will be your home away from home for a few days. Bay View Villas and Beach Villas boast personal plunge pools, huge decks and plenty of living space in which to relax and indulge.

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Thirdly, the food at Indigo Bay will bring guests back again and again – this Mozambique Island Hotel showcases two great restaurants whose chefs prepare unique gourmet dishes. Think fresh hearty seafood dishes with tastes of authentic Mediterranean cuisine or the more exotic and aromatic flavours of Asia, the Middle-East and Africa.

The fourth highly important reason why you should visit Indigo Bay is the mind-blowing marine wildlife and related activities. Look out for the rare Dugong as it cruises the sea grasses down below or the dolphins and whales as they pass by en route to their favorite breeding grounds. There are green turtles, more than 100 species of coral, sharks and thousands of tropical fish species. An adventure holiday at Indigo Bay must include snorkeling, scuba diving and other water sports that bring the visitor closer to marine life – the thrill is yours!

And finally, besides canoeing, dune surfing, horse riding and soaking up the sun’s rays, guests can also take a trip to the historically rich Santa Caroline Island, or Paradise Island, for a romantic meal on the beach while birds flit overhead and the waves ebb in and out.

Add to this miles of walking on soft sand, snorkelling just off the island, or lazing around in the sun – create your own treasured memories at Indigo Bay Island Resort – leave behind your daily distractions as you lose yourself in this dazzling place of beauty and idyllic island life.

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