Dugongs of Bazaruto


Seeing the Dugongs of Bazaruto from your spectacular villa on Bazaruto Island in the luxurious Indigo Bay Island Resort & Spa is one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life! These gracious sea cows are now so endangered that to see one or a few is magical. It all seems so right to see these ocean giants from Indigo Bay where tall palm trees line the dazzling white beaches and an idyllic island resort makes the perfect base from which to enjoy ocean cruises and other water sports. Read more about the activities at Indigo Bay here.

Divers can get up close and personal with Dugongs when they set off to explore the depths of the Bazaruto Archipelago – more than 100 species of coral, hundreds of tropical fish species, dolphins, turtles, sharks and whales. The Dugong tops the list of most divers who seek them out as they graze the sea grasses way below the surface of the ocean.

The Dugongs of Bazaruto can get as long as three metres and as heavy as 500kg. They are some of the largest marine animals existing within one of the largest marine reserves in Mozambique, the Bazaruto Archipelago. These dumpy grey mammals send their days digging up grasses from the ocean floor using their flippers which look like paddles but which also feature five fingers used for swimming and digging.

Commonly known as the sea pig or sea camel, the name Dugong actually comes from the Malay term “duyung” which means Lady of the Sea. They move slowly and elegantly, like large ladies – and they swim beautifully thanks to their buoyant bodies and streamlined shapes – it is quite possible that sailors of yore mistook Dugongs for mermaids and this is how legends about mermaids first started – with sightings of Dugongs going about their peaceful existence!

Dugongs like shallow warm ocean waters where sea grasses grow thick and where they remain safe from large waves and storms. They do breathe with lungs so have to surface for air often as they cannot hold their breath for as long as whales, dolphins and porpoises. They never go on land and like to hang around in large herds.

Dugongs in the Bazaruto Archipelago remain endangered and are mostly seen in small groups of up to three animals. Females only have one baby every three to seven years which contributes to their rareness. Dugongs can live up to 70 years! In Mozambique they are a protected species and conservation organisations are trying to raise awareness about them. They have been hunted for food and caught in fishing nets.

So you can book an ocean cruise at Indigo Bay and set off on a mission to find your Dugong of Bazaruto. It will the sighting of a lifetime for sure so take time to snap some pictures and watch them as they graze. Talk about them over a dinner of fresh seafood as you watch the sun set on another stunning Indigo Bay day. Book your trip with the travel experts today.

Exhilarating Horse Riding at Bazurto Island


Saddle up and grab hold of the reins…. there is nothing quite like experiencing the picture perfect scenery of Bazaruto Island on horseback! Horse riding at Indigo Bay is exhilarating and you can choose a horse that suits your level of riding. This world class island resort offers riders six South African Boerperds with friendly and courageous temperaments. They stroll handsomely along the white shores kicking up the foam as you revel in the magical surrounds of blue oceans and palm trees.

Sure, there is definitely more to a tropical island paradise than just warm water, swaying coconut palms and awe-inspiring sunsets. One of the most enjoyable activities on Bazaruto Island has everything to do with experiencing the romance and allure of nature. Indigo Bay Resort offers a number of horse riding experiences, from riding lessons to galloping along pristine beaches. Guests can also visit the stables to feed and groom the horses.

The carefully selected horses at Indigo Bay Resort cater for novices and experienced riders alike.  You can choose to go for an early morning, or late afternoon, exploration of the islands forests and sand dunes, or experience a breathtaking beach ride along the sandy shores.

Try taking your horse into the sea to paddle with you or take a guided trail through the islands forests and up the huge sand dunes. Pack a picnic and spend the entire day out riding with your loved one – Indigo Bay provides full chaps and riding hats for that outdoor gallop like no other.

Every day at Anantara is a surprising day – there are organised activities for young and old alike including tours, adventurous water sports, cultural  past times and more. There is also a fitness centre at the resort where guests can opt for treadmills, cycling and rowing machines and a full circuit! Click here to learn more about the magic of Indigo Bay.

If you haven’t heard of Qolf, then now is the time to try this funny combination between golf and croquet.  All ages will enjoy it on the lawn outside – or go for a game of tennis and volleyball against newfound friends.

Sand boarding is great fun for children and adults and only requires the energy to clamber up and down the highest sand dunes in the Archipelago. While out and about, take binoculars to spot incredible birds – Bazaruto Island is home to more than 180 different species including flamingos, pelicans and other fantastic migrants.

Come on, book your Indigo Bay holiday today and ride your horse into the sunset.

Deep Sea Fishing Indigo Bay

fishing-boat at Anantara Bazaruto

Deep sea fishing at Indigo Bay is a huge attraction for novice and professional anglers alike – fishing in this Mozambique national marine park is so rewarding and everything you catch, you release. Fishermen can go all out to hook Sailfish and Wahoo, not to mention Kingfish, Queenfish, Barracuda, Mackerel and Yellowfin Tuna. The thrill of catching Black, Blue and Striped Marlin in this Marlin breeding region is staggering.

You will stay in a luxury villa at Indigo Bay Resort, the archetypical tropical island paradise situated in the Bazaruto Archipelago. Click here to read more about the resort features. While the most popular activity at Indigo Bay Island Resort and Spa is the diving and snorkelling within the boundaries of the Bazaruto Marine National Park, fishing is equally trendy.

One of the world’s premier diving destinations, this part of the Indian Ocean is home to more than 100 species of coral five kinds of dolphin, four types of whale and shark, all five marine sea turtle species, and the largest population of the rare dugong on the African east coast!

Which is why deep sea fishing is just as stylish – anglers try to catch Sailfish and Wahoo, Marlin and other charismatic species on a catch and release basis. Whale, dolphin and dugong watching takes place on idyllic ocean safaris while dhow sailing cruises are fantastic honeymoon treats.

Situated on the 12 000 hectare Bazaruto Island, Indigo Bay is certainly Mozambique’s premier fishing destination. The year round quantity and diversity of game fish is a dream come true for all types of fishermen.

Indigo Bay Resort offers guests an opportunity to participate in scheduled fishing excursions which include rock, surf and fly fishing.

Some of the featured fish species in the region include:

  • King Mackerel – definitely one of the most abundant species in these waters, the king mackerel abounds year round and takes most varieties of bait
  • Yellowfin Tuna – the main target species, large shoals of tuna move in and out of the area all year round
  • Kingfish – locally known as “Ignobilis”, are present all year round and the sheer power of this fish is unparalleled and it is known for bending hooks and snapping lines
  • Great Barracuda and Sea Pike – the area is very popular for the quantity of its game fish year round
  • Marlin – Blue and striped marlin are present in these waters and the season runs from September – April, with October to December being peak season
  • Sailfish – Bazaruto’s winter run of sailfish attracts the most anglers to its waters
  • Wahoo – averaging a weight of 40lbs, these bullet-shaped fish are present all year round with a peak in the early summer months of September – November
  • Dorado – this hard fighting colourful fish takes into the air when hooked, providing a breathtaking spectacle.

>>Book your Indigo Bay deep sea fishing trip with us today.

Scuba and Dive Courses in Mozambique at Indigo Bay


The scuba and dive courses at Indigo Bay, otherwise known as Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort & Spa, are some of the best in the Indian Ocean, off Mozambique’s coastline at Vilankulo. Situated in the spectacular Bazaruto Archipelago, this world class Mozambique holiday destination is definitely first and foremost a diving delight!

Falling within the boundary of the Bazaruto Marine National Park, Bazaruto Island is the sublime setting for Indigo Bay resort – the protected coral reefs are home to some endangered creatures such as the elusive Dugong, the Manta Ray and the huge Whale shark. Look out for Humpback whales in season and enjoy sunset ocean cruises to find dolphins flitting about in the waves. Read more about the national park here.

When divers get to Indigo Bay, they can join a course or do some advanced dives with the expert dive instructors at the fully-equipped dive centre at the resort. If you are a diving guru then head out for crazy reef diving to find Snapper, Surgeon, Potato bass, Kingfish, Barracuda, Manta rays and Reef sharks.

Indigo Bay, or Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort & Spa, prefers to use PADI Instructors and Dive Masters as a minimum standard. Crew do not take divers out on any deep dives that need a chamber. The dive sites are named after the amazing marine wildlife or features found there…

Manta Ray Reef, North Point, is a flat reef, in shallow 15m water where divers can revel in the many anemones and clown fish. Two-Mile Reef is a famous dive site also great for snorkelers where divers can go as deep as 21m to find their treasure of the day. Try Brindle Bass Ridge to view these huge fish, Angelfish, Rubberlips, Snappers and Reef sharks in huge numbers. Turtles can be found at Turtle Ridge, funnily enough, and colourful corals at Rainbow Runner Reef!

Indigo Bay scuba and dive courses introduce the best divers to something new and different. Whatever your pleasure as a diver, you can be sure to find something that you will never forget in these clear blue seas around the breath-taking beauty of Bazaruto Island in Mozambique, one of Africa’s best dive destinations.

While at Indigo Bay, be sure to make the most of the five star facilities and luxury beach and ocean view villas! Constructed from reeds, natural soft thatch and wood, the lodge blends into its natural surrounds yet the amenities are opulent and indulgent.

The rooms are gorgeous, hidden away under thatch roofs with air-conditioning, mini bars, plunge pools, tea and coffee making facilities, and a private veranda outside. A swim at sunrise is a must if you can drag yourself away from the king size bed and soft cotton linens!

Chat to one of our consultants today to arrange your scuba diving course at Indigo Bay!

Travel to the Bazaruto Archipelago

Holidaying in Mozambique is like going to a paradise where the sky is always blue and the sea never wild – where the birds never forget to sing and the palm trees continue to sway to their own music. Travel to the Bazaruto Archipelago, a top island destination for visitors from far and wide. And Bazaruto Island is the quintessential isle for committed holidaymakers wanting romance, solitude and a back to nature kind of break.

The Bazaruto Archipelago, just off the mainland at Vilankulo, consists of six islands which fall into the national park and attract discerning visitors to their unique treasures. Travel to this 12 000 hectare tropical paradise and book a holiday resort such as Indigo Bay Island Resort and Spa – heaven on earth.


Divers travel to the Bazaruto Archipelago to see the remarkable coral reefs, the sharks, whale sharks, turtles and dolphins. This could be you! Book your trip to the islands today and you could find a room at Indigo Bay Island Resort & Spa – the queen of accommodation on Bazaruto Island.

You will discover some of the world’s best scuba and fishing environments during your Mozambique holiday here in the Archipelago. Go sand boarding down some incredibly spectacular dunes or take a meandering horse ride along endless white beaches. Windsurfing, water skiing, wake boarding and boat trips to see the whales and dancing dolphins are some of the activities on offer. Round off sunny days catching the wind on board a traditional dhow for an exquisite sunset cruise through the islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago.

For your unique out of Africa experience, book Indigo Bay, a Mozambique hotel on the corner of Bazaruto Island. The location is fantastic and you get an African Island experience. It is also remote, so you get what nature left for you – you become part of a place and how it was hundreds of years ago!

Travel to the Bazaruto Archipelago and try something new. Be that lying on the white sands all day reading a novel, fine. But you can also try your hand at horse riding, waterskiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, windsurfing and Hobiecat sailing!

Most island resorts offer scrumptious food with local flavours and beach barbeques are very enjoyable and popular with most travellers to these parts. Think fresh seafood and accompanying salads, breads and more!

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