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Sailing holidays to experience island life

Did you know that the islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago – Bazaruto, Benguerra, Santa Carolina, Magaruque and Banque – are top yacht charter destinations? Indigo Bay is the top resort on Bazaruto Island from which guests may embark on their chosen sailing holiday.

It all means so much more to visitors knowing that they will be sailing within the boundaries of the Bazaruto Marine National Park, a reserve for the endangered dugong, turtles, dolphins, marlin, sailfish, manta rays and whale sharks, not to mention the diverse corals and tropical fish that are protected through sustainable use of resources by all who live in and visit the region. Read more about the region here.

Why should you charter a yacht?

There are many reasons to charter a luxury yacht for your next Mozambique holiday and why you should visit the Bazaruto Archipelago. The main reason is the beauty of the area and the availability of fantastic yachts to charter! This is the ultimate in a holiday of luxury, liberating days of nothing to stick to or do because you have to, and complete personal space. Feel free on a yacht, sailing around the spectacular islands of southern Mozambique, only the sea, the wind and the sun your constant companions.

You can also tailor make your yacht excursion in Mozambique according to your special needs, using Indigo Bay as your base. Your professional crew will look after you and ensure you have a truly cherished vacation, in luxury accommodation and eating sumptuous meals while soaking up the endless horizon. You will be entertained by various activities from diving, snorkelling and swimming to kayaking and picnicking on the islands you visit.

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Yacht charter packages to Indigo Bay

Travel from Vilanculos, the gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago, to Magaruque Island, then Bazaruto Island. Here, take time to explore Indigo Bay and grab a great meal on solid ground. Spend a few days at this famous resort for its awesome setting, elegant accommodation on the beach and range of fun activities.

A yacht charter from your base at Indigo Bay should really stop at St Carolina so guests can walk a bit and see the ruins of the old hotel while snorkelling and picnicking off the beach there. Benguerra Island is a great place to stop for breakfast and a swim. Visit one of the reefs to explore the diversity of fish and corals in the Bazaruto Archipelago.

After experiencing a yacht charter in this Mozambique region, you will develop a love for all things ocean and islands related, and see why conservation of the natural resources is so important here.

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