World Class Spa Indigo Bay

Experience five-star luxury treatment and pamper sessions at the Indigo Bay Sanctuary Spa.  This exquisite facility comprises 5 treatment rooms plus an ice pool, wet room, hydrotherapy pool, Rasul Chamber, health bar and relaxation areas. Your idyllic tropical island paradise.


Book your personal treatment, from a Swedish massage and milk baths, to body brushes and wraps, reflexology and facials.  Blends of chamomile, geranium and buchu contain African antidotes, and all the healing properties to pamper even the most jaded city soul.


The Rasul Chamber, traditionally an Arabic venue for a steam and clay treatment, helps to detox the body and leave the skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Therapists take you through the steps of this modified treatment.  Love the feeling of the clay used – an imported low salt clay mixed with Moya fynbos essential oils.


You will find a steam room in both male and female changing facilities. These are used to detox the body so get in there and release all your surface toxins then warm and relax your muscles. Hydrotherapy uses water for healing purposes. It offers buoyancy and warmth while the turbulence helps to relax the body internally and externally.


The Indigo Bay spa also offers a wet room containing an Aromatherm capsule. This includes hydrotherapy pulses, a wet table for wraps and exfolians, steam and Vichy shower capabilities and a range of mood-setting colours.

A full list of spa treatments in a paradise sanctuary is available.

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